#1 Cochran Recognizes the Best of 2011

As another year comes to a close, #1 Cochran would like to recognize the achievements of an outstanding group of team members.  Their determination sets the bar at #1 Cochran and their example is a model for their peers.

The Circle of Honor is a distinguished group of sales consultants proving themselves as the best in the industry.  Through hard work, dedication and an intense desire to succeed, they consistently outperform the industry average with regard to vehicle sales.

This year’s candidates are as follows:

Our Top Guns are service, parts and collision team members that perform their various job functions in the top 15%.  Their performance is compared across seven different job categories and is measured by productivity, revenue generation and customer satisfaction.  Our Top Guns are true assets to both #1 Cochran and the automotive industry as a whole.

This year’s candidates are as follows:

Finally, we’d like to recognize our Top F&I performers for 2011.  This select group of individuals has the skills necessary to perform their jobs at a high level, while continuing to challenge themselves and actively engage with their customers.

This year’s top performers are:

Again, congratulations to all!

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