Hyundai Sonata is the first vehicle to offer Android Auto

Android Auto - Sonata

Android Auto may forever change the way we drive our cars, or at least how we interact with them. Designed with safety in mind, it allows drivers and passengers to integrate relevant driving services – Navigation, Media, Communication – to the LCD and voice-command system. The 2015 Hyundai Sonata with navigation is the first vehicle in the U.S. market to offer Android Auto. Drivers now have the ability to easily access smartphone functions using integrated touch screen technology, steering wheel controls, and Google voice recognition.

2015 Sonata Inventory


Google’s solution to interfacing your smartphone to the vehicle infotainment system on your dashboard is Android Auto. By broadcasting to the in-car entertainment system, Hyundai Sonata drivers now have the familiar functionality of their phone in a larger, easily navigated touchscreen. Android Auto works by projecting the phone’s current user interface after directly connecting it to the Sonata’s USB port.

Popular mobile apps such as Google Maps, Pandora, and Spotify can be accessed via your infotainment system using Android Auto. Phone calls are handled over the vehicle’s Bluetooth, providing a safe driving experience.

Google Maps on Android Auto
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