Aluminum Ford F-150 Named Truck of the Year for 2015

The automotive industry has many awards and accolades, which are universally recognized by all car manufacturers, but the crème de la crème is the honor of being dubbed North American Truck of the Year. Winners are selected based on expert analysis and a wide range of criteria from 57 jurors representing dozens of print, online, and broadcast operations. This year’s North American Truck of the Year: the aluminum-body 2015 Ford F-150.

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Ford has become the first truck manufacturer to use aluminum as the body for their standard-duty pickups. An aluminum body cuts down the weight of the truck, which results in better overall fuel economy, greater towing and hauling capabilities, and improved handling. Switching to the lighter aluminum body cut the truck’s weight by a whopping 700 lbs., improving gas mileage to 30 mpg highway.

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