Ben Roethlisberger ProCamp: Where 400 Kids Meet Number 7

Ben Roethlisberger ProCamp: Where 400 Kids Meet Number 7


Hundreds of kids from 20 different areas (one camper came from California) made their way to Bethel Park High School for one thing: to learn from all they could from Ben Roethlisberger.

The Steelers Quarterback held his tenth annual ProCamp this weekend for the five-through-14-year-olds. He and some of Pittsburgh’s top high school and college football coaches (all volunteers) went over various drills, catching and throwing with the kids. Roethlisberger even took the time to throw the ball to each camper.

That’s no typo—he literally threw 400 passes.

The sweet gestures didn’t end there: He wore red on Sunday to honor his college football coach, Terry Hoeppner, who passed nine years ago that day. The Steelers Quarterback also said that he provided scholarship for about 100 campers who otherwise couldn’t afford it. We at #1 Cochran followed suit in addition to our sponsorship. These are the lucky four that we picked to learn the ropes from Big Ben:

  • Aidan Carroll
  • Mikale Connor
  • Noah Naylor
  • Donovan Jones

A couple of them could be spotted from the stands taking part in the Smokehouse Race. On the last day of camp, Roethlisberger— a father of three— even did something special for the dads in the stands. He gave them a chance to be Paternal MVP with a special Dad’s 40-yard Dash (you can see the videos on our Facebook page). The winners from each heat lined up with the campers who won their races to see who would win. One dad limped away with a hamstring injury. Aside from that, all went well.

Roethlisberger said the most important lesson was sportsmanship. Congratulatory handshakes and, “good jobs,” between campers could be seen and heard from the stands: we’d say that lesson settled in with the kids.

The camp ended with an awards ceremony to recognize a few standout campers. Winners were also announced for the raffles held that day.  Prize or not, everyone went home a winner… Well, everyone except for the parents wondering, “where were camps like this when I was a kid?!”

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