#1 Cochran Recognized as Leading the Digital Shift in the Auto Industry – NY Times

It’s no secret, we live in a digital age and car dealerships are shifting gears to fit this business model. Online tools from third-party sites continue to improve the car buying process by making it more user-friendly and efficient. Dealers now are equipped with the right tools to better research market trends and appeal to the needs of their customers. The traditional car buying model has transitioned into a multi-layer online experience. The digital revolution has led to a boost in automotive sales and customer satisfaction nationwide. This has attracted the attention of large investments groups and shoppers alike.

All #1 Cochran new and used car showrooms have been equipped with interactive kiosks that allow customers to easily interface with our online inventory and third party review sites. Today’s New York Times featured #1 Cochran the kiosks at our newly renovated Buick GMC dealership in Monroeville, PA. Customers rave about their ability to browse at their convenience without the hassle of traditional car shopping. Well-informed customers make happy customers and that leads to a car shopping experience like no other.

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