Mazda joins Audi, Subaru, and others at the top of Consumer Reports’ Reliability Survey

One of the biggest selling points to buying a brand-new car is the peace of mind that comes with knowing the vehicle will be a reliable transport for years to come. That being said, not all cars are created equal when it comes to needing repairs down the line. As cars, trucks, and SUVs continue to add features like infotainment systems, navigation, and other technologies, more things can go wrong over the lifespan of a vehicle. Reliability can greatly impact overall customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, not to mention the car’s resale value.

Over time, trends develop and these trends can be analyzed in order to accurately predict which auto manufacturers outperform their competitors in terms of reliability. The latest large-scale survey conducted by Consumer Reports collected detailed information on more than 740,000 vehicles. By analyzing this data, researchers were able to study the odds of a vehicle needing service outside of regular maintenance.

We are proud to carry six of the top ten most reliable vehicle brands according to this study.

Audi is the top-ranked European brand on this list and has greatly improved over the last few years according to the report.

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Mazda is known for making fun-to-drive cars and crossover SUVs, but it’s evident by this report that they’ve put a lot of focus on building dependable and long-lasting vehicles as well.

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Subaru has one of the most loyal fan bases out there among car manufacturers and it’s directly related to their quest to make safe and dependable cars and SUVs.

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Kia continues to turn heads in the automotive world, offering reliable performance and comfort without premium pricing.

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Buick was the only domestic vehicle manufacturer to makes the “Most Reliable” list. The Detroit-based car brand offers new stylish designs backed by years of dependable performance.

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Hyundai continues to serve their loyal customer base by building cars with comfort and reliability in mind.

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