Profoundly Disconnected: Skills Gap in Trade Jobs with Mike Rowe

Mike Rowe: Ford F150

Mike Rowe has become an iconic figure in America, representing the blue collared workers that keep this country running strong. He’s been a spokesperson for Ford trucks, Lee jeans, and showcased some of the hardest (but necessary) jobs in the U.S. on Dirty Jobs, a hit TV show that Rowe himself created in addition to being the show’s Executive Producer.

Rowe recently launched, a website that focuses on the growing need for skilled trade workers, the “skills gap,” and the crumbling infrastructure of the industry because of a lack of support to fill the millions of good paying jobs. The website has since became a hub for people interested in learning about or pursuing a career in the skilled trade industry. According to Rowe, “many of the best opportunities that exist today require a skill, not a diploma. The purpose of this site is to promote that simple truth.”

Rowe recently gave a powerful and inspiring speech on the floor of the U.S. Senate regarding our disconnect to those who get stuff done in America. Mike called for a national PR campaign to close the growing skills gap in the trade industry. These workers are getting older and there is a lack of newly qualified skilled laborers to take their place.


Rowe dedicated his business to helping young people understand the benefits of learning a skill or trade and that going to a traditional college isn’t always the best path to success. The alternative education received at trade schools and other resources can provide prospective workers with the necessary skills and experience required to fill jobs that are currently in high demand and pay well.

A trillion dollars in student loans. Record high unemployment. Three million good jobs that no one seems to want. The goal of Profoundly Disconnected is to challenge the absurd belief that a four-year degree is the only path to success. The Skills Gap is here, and if we don’t close it, it’ll swallow us all. Which is a long way of saying, we could use your help… -

Mike Row: Work Hard and Smart Poster

The skilled worker will always be in high demand. Whether in the form of vehicle mechanics, construction workers, or the various other jobs out there that pay well for an honest day’s work, these jobs are essential to America’s economy.


To prepare skilled laborers for exciting careers, there are some excellent trade schools out there that teach students with hands-on instruction and real world experience. One of the leaders in providing quality trade specific education in Pittsburgh is Rosedale Technical Institute. Rosedale Tech has been around since 1949 and offers the hands on experience required in the fields of automotive repair, diesel mechanic, electrical, HVAC, and truck driving. These jobs are always in high demand as the backbone of the American economy.

Rosedale Technical Institute - Pittsburgh

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