Pine-Richland High School Makes Epic ‘Lip Dub’ Video

Pine Richland High School - Lip Dub

It seems like just yesterday we were all proudly walking down that aisle, anxiously moving forward to accept our high school diploma, taking the often scary leap into adulthood and going down our own path on life’s incredible journey. Some are to go on to college, some to the military, and others straight to work in various career fields. There is no right answer, but with youthful excitement and a positive outlook, there’s also no limit.

The teachers, mentors, friendships we gain in high school have helped mold each of us into the people we are today. What better way to showcase these relationships than with a fun and inspiring “lip dub” video?!  Pine-Richland High School out of Gibsonia, PA agreed and created an epic video that captures their school’s spirit as well as everything that made high school awesome. Their video was done so well that it has since went viral, with features on Yahoo! Sports, local Pittsburgh news outlets, and well over 30,000 views on YouTube.

Organized / directed by Pine-Richland High School senior, Dave Randolph and recorded / edited by fellow classmate, Alex Lynch, the students and faculty of the Pittsburgh-area school put on a truly epic performance as they lip dubbed to “Best Day of My Life” by American Authors.

Randolph made sure to include every athletic program and organization at the school, including a spectacular break in the middle with the golf team. The video ends with a thunderous pep rally as the entire senior class of around 400 students chant “I believe that we will win.” After watching this video, I don’t doubt them.


Lip dub videos are still sweeping the nation, inspiring businesses, schools, and other organization across the county to make one of their own. So what is a lip dub video exactly? Simply put, it’s a well-choreographed music video combining lip syncing and audio dubbing.

The phrase “lip dubbing” was coined by Jake Lodwick, founder of Vimeo, after synchronizing a video of himself singing a song while listening to headphone with an MP3 of the actual song dubbed over the video recording.  The lip dub craze really caught on once the gang from The Office made one in a memorable 2010 episode. Ever sense, it seems like everyone is getting in on the act to promote their cause in a fun and entertaining manner. Some are better than others and the really good ones usually go viral on social media.

The Office: Lipdub from Selech on Vimeo.


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