Pennsylvania Company May Have Solved Pittsburgh Pothole Problem

Potholes in Pittsburgh

There’s a landmine lurking around ever corner in Pittsburgh these days. Potholes emerge all over Western Pennsylvania, particularly in the winter month due to the constant freezing and thawing of water on the city streets. This has become a major concern for all Pittsburgh motorists as potholes can cause significant damage to vehicles resulting in costly auto repairs at your local service department.


A Pennsylvania company may have invented the answer to our prayers. Road Mixer is an mobile asphalt plant developed by Hot Mix Mobile, LLC, which can be mounted on a truck to provide a quick, mobilized solution to fixing potholes and cracked roadways.

The idea for mobile mixer trucks began years ago, but it wasn’t until recently that the technology was available to make if work effectively and efficient. Before, they used a hot asphalt mixture to ensure the potholes would be permanently filled. Road Mixer uses a cold mix that can be heated when ready.

“The cold mix is in fact a temporary patch … hot asphalt made right on site or made anywhere, the glue that holds the sand and stone together, when it gets cold it gets hard but when it’s hot it’s very pliable and forms to the shape that you compact it to. With the use of infrared technology that we use as well, you can actually preheat the hole … and you’ll get a much better bond.”

It’s not certain if or when the City of Pittsburgh will utilize a company like Road Mixer to fix potholes, but the technology is bringing us closer to a day where the streets are a safe place to drive without dodging suburban landmines.

Road Mixer - Potholes in Pittsburgh

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