Pittsburgh Named “Smartest City in America”

Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh has been called the Steel City, City of Champions, and in recent years earned the moniker of America’s Most Livable City. The bustling city of Pittsburgh, PA received a new claim to fame. It was just named America’s Smartest City.

In a recent study, the real estate gurus at Movoto compiled loads of data in order to find the smartest city in America. Their research was segmented into several groups of criteria, which signified a level of intelligence in the region. The criteria included:

• Universities and colleges per person
• Libraries per person
• Education level
• Media per person (newspapers, TV, radio, magazines)
• Museums per person
• Public school rank

Cathedral of Learning at the University of Pittsburgh


A smart city is focused on education and Pittsburgh is home to some of the best colleges and universities in the country including Carnegie Mellon University, the University of Pittsburgh, Duquesne University, Point Park University, and others. Pittsburgh ranked first in this category, followed by St. Louis and Baton Rouge.

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh


Pittsburgh is home to some great libraries including the famous Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. Libraries offer a wealth of knowledge to the citizens of that area. Buffalo ranked highest in this category, followed by Cincinnati and Miami.

Pittsburgh College Graduation


Pittsburgh had to have ranked highly in this category due to the fact that the area is home to many colleges and universities. This category was measured by the number of residents in a city with a bachelor’s degree or higher. Using U.S. Census data, Movoto found that Irvine has the highest number of residents with a degree, followed by Seattle and Plano.

Pittsburgh News


Having access to multiple outlets of media sources encourages an individual to form his/her own opinions based on different viewpoints. Pittsburgh is home to varying news outlets that lean from the right to left including the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh City Paper, WPGB, WPXI, and others. This category included newspapers, television stations, radio shows, and magazines. The city with the most media resources per person was St. Paul, followed by St. Petersburg and North Las Vegas.

Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh


Pittsburgh is home to some of the best museums in the country including the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, John Heinz History Center, Andy Warhol Museum, Carnegie Science Center, and others. Movoto’s survey showed that Washington, D.C. led the way at no surprise, followed by Scottsdale and Anaheim.

Pittsburgh High School


Movoto decided to include public schools in the criteria as they pave the way for future generations. They collected data from GreatSchools.org, a not-for-profit organization that ranks school districts across the country. Pittsburgh is home to some of the country’s best public schools including Fox Chapel Area High School, Mount Lebanon Senior High School, and Upper St. Clair High School (which have all been ranked 10 out of 10 by GreatSchools.org). Irvine led in this category, followed by Scottsdale and Chesapeake, VA.


Smartest Cities in America - Movoto Real Estate

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