Pollen Problems: Keeping Your Car Pollen-Free This Spring

Pollen Problems: Keeping Your Car Pollen-Free This Spring

Worries about the snow and ice are finally a thing of the past. However, spring comes with its own car-covering element: Pollen. It can wreak havoc on your allergies, and it can do the same to your car’s paint job.

How does pollen cause damage?

The particles seem smooth to the naked eye.  Once magnified, the hook-like spores are visible. They latch onto hair, clothes and, in this instance, cars. If left untreated, the highly-acidic pollen can corrode the body of your car.

There are a few incorrect ways to approach removing it. Simply wiping with a dry cloth is on the right path, but still wrong.  The cloth will not scratch your car—but the microscopic spores that it’s moving around can.

Water alone doesn’t do the trick either.  In fact, it’s probably worse. Water can activate the acidic elements in pollen. This could lead to a ruined paint job—even rust!

So how do you protect your car?

The right cleaning products– soap and warm water– will do wonders. After your car is dry, apply wax. Wax makes it more difficult for the pollen to latch onto your vehicle. Following that, a simple rinse may just do the trick until you can wash it again.

We understand that those aren’t always the most fun things on the automotive to-do list, but there are ways to cut down on them for the season. One option, if at all possible, is to avoid parking around trees. The trade-off for the potential shade is that ugly yellow film. Another option would be a car cover. The thought of applying and removing it might seem irritating, but it could save you from work in other areas down the road.

For those with allergies, the outside of your car isn’t the only worry; pollen can stick to your seats if it gets inside. How do you combat that? Here are a couple examples:

  • Change your cabin filter.
  • Try your best to keep the windows rolled up (it’s also good to keep them up when you reach a certain speed— but that’s for another post!)

Don’t forget— if you don’t feel like doing any of the pollen-proof detailing, we’re here to do it for you!

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