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Wherever you go in Pittsburgh, #1 Cochran is the talk of the town after revolutionizing the way people shop for cars. After launching the Clearly Better Car Buying Experience, we’ve received 96-percent positive feedback from customers saying the new way to buy cars is better than their previous experiences. Transparency through the use of innovative technology and upfront pricing coupled with the guarantee that you will be completely satisfied is making what was once a daunting task – purchasing a new vehicle – an enjoyable experience in which the customer knows they bought the best car for the best price.

Rob Cochran was featured on the cover of the February 2014 issue of Whirl Magazine. Within the magazine was a great article written by Rachel Jones, detailing the Clearly Better Car Buying Experience and how it’s revolutionizing the way people buy and sell cars.

Modern Mobility: Rob Cochran is Leading Western Pennsylvania’s Auto Industry His Way: Smart, Fair, and Easy.

by Rachel Jones: Whirl Magazine (February 2014)

One of the most stressful days of my life was the day I bought my first brand new car. I must note that I went into the dealership with my brother and sister, and all three of us wanted to give them our less-than-perfect used cars and leave with shiny new ones. While I know our family plan made things a little complicated, the constant negotiation of it all was exhausting. He’d offer a price. We’d offer a price. He’d talk to a manager. We’d try to hold our own. By the end of it all, I felt drained – and very glad I had some time before I had to experience that again.

“For far too long, the auto industry has allowed aggressive sales tactics to turn what should be an enjoyable event into a frustrating experience,” says Rob Cochran, president and CEO of #1 Cochran. According to Cochran, the lack of trust created by those tactics affects even the best dealers. “Because consumers tend to distrust car dealers, even those of us who offer great prices find that some customer don’t have enough confidence in those prices to make the purchase without shopping around first. So, we decided to clear the air and build and entirely new business model based on transparency in pricing.”

Four years ago, #1 Cochran started planning the Clearly Better Car Buying concept. Utilizing technology that wasn’t available before, the company can now determine the most accurate price for each vehicle, and be up front and transparent about how that price is determined.

“Part of the frustration that consumers have is that the typical showroom process does not match up with the online shopping experience.” Cochran explains. “It takes more time, you can’t find the information you want as quickly, it’s got this mysterious haze that’s been clouding it. We’ve done everything we can to eliminate what customers dislike and replace it with a process they can trust.” That includes using information from reputable thirst parties, like and, to help validate pricing and speed up the transaction.

For example, if you wan to trade in a car – or three – the team at #1 Cochran will check out its value on, compare it to the local market, and determine the price. Because #1 Cochran has such depth in its used car inventory, they are frequently able to offer the better deal. If not, you are guaranteed the third-party price. Plus, #1 Cochran will still buy your car, even if you do not purchase a new car from them.

Similarly, looks at the true value of the car, based on how much new models are selling for in our marketplace. Other factors, like the inventory and the car’s age are worked in, and the final price is determined. “It’s really information that people could research at home, but we’re compiling it all and putting it in one package,” Cochran says. “The business model works because of our scale. It’s the innovation and strong direction coupled with scale that makes this exciting for us and gives us the ability to impact the industry.”

With 21 dealerships and 16 brands, #1 Cochran has the largest geographical footprint in the Pittsburgh auto world. It’s also one of the top private dealers in the nation, making it a large and stable platform to successfully launch Clearly Better Car Buying. After conducting a three-month trial run last spring, 96 percent of customers reported that their experience was significantly better than past car buying experiences. In October 2013, #1 Cochran publicly unveiled the new method. “It’s important to me for our company to be viewed as leaders,” Cochran says. “I don’t think there’s any larger opportunity within our industry than to help it evolve to become more consumer friendly.”

Cochran expects more to come as his team perfects the process, smoothing out any bumps in the road and keeping the car buying stress-free. “We’re going to continue to evolve over time, implementing and tweaking what we can to make the entire process in the showroom or service lane as transparent and easy to understand as possible,” Cochran says. For us, it’s nice to know in your gut that you’re doing the right thing for the consumer and the market.” Clearly.

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ClearCut Pricing with Best Price Guarantee: every price is pre-adjusted to reflect the actual selling prices of identical vehicles.

TradeMax Guarantee with Dual Evaluation: customers will receive two valuations for their trade, one from an independent third party and one from #1 Cochran. The customers are paid the higher valuation, guaranteed.

3 Day/150 Mile Money-back Guarantee: customers can return a purchased vehicle within that time, no questions asked.

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