SEMA 2013 RAM 2500 Diesel Concept Truck by AEV

SEMA 2013 RAM Concept Truck by American Expedition Vehicles

Since 1997, American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) has been leading the way in innovating the aftermarket 4WD industry. The company known for making extreme 4×4 modifications to the iconic Jeep Wrangler is now treading into new territory; full-size off-road trucks.

For its debut into the modified truck arena, AEV decided to stick with a vehicle from the extensive lineup from Chrysler Group and use the 2014 RAM 2500 Crew Cab Diesel to create their Frankenstein. Their objective was to build truck add-ons that fill the void left behind by some trucks in terms of off-roading capabilities such as cargo and towing capacity.

Based out of Michigan, American Expedition Vehicles set out to make their Ram concept truck for the outdoorsman who wants a “complete vehicle package” that goes far beyond the traditional aftermarket “lifted truck.”


SEMA 2013 RAM Concept Truck by American Expedition Vehicles

Modifications to the RAM 2500 include an upgraded suspension system with a three-inch-lift, oversized wheels with 40″ tires, wide fender flares, a custom steel bumper with capabilities of supporting a 16,500-pound winch, and many more upgrades.

Like all of the modifications that come out of American Expedition Vehicles, these mods look and fit like they came from the OEM built onto the trucks fresh off the assembly line. Take a look for yourself in this video or on their website. The SEMA 2013 RAM Concept has yet to be fully released to the public, but it looks good to go.

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