Team Member Tuesday: Jennifer Kralik

 Team Member Tuesday: Jennifer Kralik


Jennifer Kralik, our Business Development Manager in our Service Call Center, is a bit of a Vet around these parts. She’s been a member of the Cochran team for 13 years. Let’s take a moment to learn a little more about her:

  • My first job: Locker room attendant at Green Oak Country Club
  • Three things that you’ll always find in my refrigerator: (1) salad , (2) strong cheese, and (3) iced tea
  • My favorite movie and reason why:  Any movie by Tim Burton or Quentin Tarantino;  Burton for the way he shoots his films, and Tarantino for the dialogue
  • My favorite book and reason why: Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand… It shows the negative effects of communism on society and how people can rise above it
  • If the story of my life was made into a movie, the actor or actress who would portray the part of me would be:  Sandra Bullock
  • The most famous person that I’ve ever met was: Chelsea Handler, on the set of her show Chelsea Lately – she signed my book on air at the end of her show.
  • When I was growing up, my friends called me: Kralik or JenJen
  • My dream vacation:  A week or two touring the United Kingdom
  • Favorite restaurant:  Taipei – Tokyo
  • Favorite Home-cooked meal:  Grilled salmon and vegetables
  • Secret vice: Cherry-cola tic tacs
  • Top three things on my “bucket list”: (1) visit England, (2) meet David Beckham, and (3) become a personal fitness trainer
  • If I could have dinner with any famous person, living or dead, I would choose to have dinner with: David Beckham … because he’s David Beckham and he’s gorgeous!! His soccer skills aren’t so bad either.
  • Three things in life that I could really do without: (1) people who have no common sense, (2) drivers who make up their own traffic rules, (3) insects …. I hate bugs
  • The farthest destination from Pittsburgh, PA that I’ve ever been to on this Earth was: California

Thanks to Jenn for her responses! Be sure to check and see who’s next in our Team Member spotlight.

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