The Worst Drivers by State

Pittsburgh Drivers

We’ve all traveled across state lines just to find out that the drivers in a particular state have a whole new meaning of the words “merge” and “right-of-way” than we do here in Pennsylvania. Have you ever wondered which state is ranked as having the worst drivers and who are among the best? Well, has figured that out with an interesting comprehensive look at drivers across the United States.

Driving ability was measured based on statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, National Motorists Association, and Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

From the data, each state was assessed by:

  • Fatality Rate per 100 Millions Vehicle Miles Traveled
  • Failure to Obey Tickets (Traffic Signal and Seat Belt Infractions)
  • Drunk Driving Incidents
  • Number of Tickets Issued
  • Records of Careless Driving

The date was then compiled into a total score by state, with the high scorer equating a worse ranking. Pennsylvania ranked as the 15th worst state to drive a car in with a total score of 157. Louisiana topped the report as the worst state for driving with a score of 220 and Vermont leading the way in safe driving with a score of 48. Below is the full list of the worst states for driving. We hope this list will make drivers a little more weary while operating a car, truck, SUV, or commercial vehicle across states lines or in their own neighborhood. Hopefully we can all work together to make the roads safer across the country.

Worst Drivers by State

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